Sunday, May 20

If you know me personally, you know I am known for my klutz. And frankly speaking, I am always in a rush no matter how much free time do I have in hands. Most days I always have my favourite shade of matte lip cream in nude shades so it can go with any outfits I have chosen that day, brow pomade to keep my brows hairs in shape, a tint to lightly cover up my face flaws and most importantly I always have Cloud Paint from Glossier in my bag to ensure I walk with naturally blushed cheeks.

Living in this tropical blaze is a total challenge, I can tell you that. You drenched in sweats, walking under the blazing heat every single day is your mental challenge on a daily basis and breezy days are just another day you can escape from the heat. As someone who travels a lot and being soaked under the tropical sun rays, I’ll always try to minimize my everyday makeup routine, thus Glossier Cloud Paint is the epitome of my life saviour most days. 

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