Great day !

Monday, June 13

So the title is not what I actually meant. My result were totally far from my target. Patience. Patience.

Bahasa : A- A
English : A- A
History : D B
Agama : B A
Biology : E B
Modern Math : Failed C
Add Math : Failed E
Physics : Failed C
Chemistry : Failed C

The red one is the target, and the green one is my result -,-'

And dont ever ask anything about this. Been crying the whole day since I knew that Abid's Biology paper is higher than me. I mean, how th fck he can beat me? Biology is my favorite, and I was totally down when I knew he gt higher than me. Patience. Patience. So jyeah, am trying to act cool.

Teacher Sabrina told me she loves my essay writing. The narrative one! Glad to hear that. Hmm. So if you were wondering what I wrote for my essay, here,

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when my fiance and I had a hearty breakfast at one of my favorite Swedish restaurants. Khabid was reading the tabloid and I was playing with my iPad, when the waiter sent our meals. Suddenly my phone rang, I abruptly rummaged through my Gucci handbag in a search of my Blackberry Curve phone. I was totally shocked when my mom told me that daddy was in the hospital because of a heart attack.

Khabid drove us to the hospital in just a nick of time in his Jaguar. I ran to daddy's ward and I saw many of our relatives there. I hugged my mom and she told me that my daddy called me to see him. I asked Khabid to come along with me since I was not strong enough to hold my tears and face all these tests. Khabid held my hand and we walked in together.

I saw daddy's blue pale pace. Khabid held me tight when I kissed my daddy's cheek. I cried. Suddenly all the memories  kept running in my mind and I can still remember the last day we had a chat, it was a month ago before I got enganged. Daddy told me how much he would miss me and we were laughing while playing Scrabble. We had such happy moments together. He asked me to take a good care of myself and never to forget him. I still remembered when I promised that he is still my number one man although I will get married with someone else. I wiped his tears when he heard that I whispered "you will always be my superhero, daddy."

Khabid still held me tight when suddenly I saw the machine stopped beating and I heard no more sound. I panic and I could not hold my tears and they burst out. The doctor asked Khabid to calm me down and we went outside. I screamed. I cried. I still could not help myself to accept the fate that my daddy will leave me. Mummy came to me and hugged me. She told me that daddy had left us.

After the funeral, with a pale face, Khabid drove us to my place I would go when I need a space to calm myself. Khabid was an understanding gentleman. He was with me all the time I need him the most. He was like a pot under the rainbow that I have found. He completed me like bread and butter. He was a pillar of my strength. He was the dream in my dreams that always cheer my day. He bright my days with his humor. He was the man that I searched for all this time. He was the Bonnie to the Clyde. He was the only one that would hug and hold me when I was falling apart. He was with me, all through the time, through my thick and thin and through my ups and downs. Although he could never shower me with Tiffany's, but at least he would shower me with his love.

Khabid opened the car door and we walked along the sandy beach. I calmed myself. I looked in his eyes and I smiled. The we sat at the car's back and planned our future. We were planning for our wedding and our children when suddenly a van hit us.

That was the last thing I remembered and the second I opened my eyes, Khabid was beside me, holding my hands. I tried to move my feet but I failed. I called Khabid many times and he woke up. He hugged me and and called the doctor. I cried when I asked him why I could not move my legs. He held me tight and he whispered "be strong, darling."

My mummy was there to calm me too, but everyone failed. Khabid was the last person who can calm me down when he whispered for the second time, "I am your next superhero. That is my promise."Then it hit me. I am paralysed because of the drunk van driver. The van hit me because the Chinese man was drunk-driving. It have been almost two months, I was in a coma.

Khabid still held me. He gave me his spirit that I should calm myself and there was nothing to think about. He promised to take care of me and be with me although I am now paralysed. I smiled in tears when he kissed my forehead when suddenly I remembered my daddy's last whisper, 

"Khabid is the man, who will be your superhero. He will replace my place of taking care of you."

I hugged Khabid and I thanked him for being with me until my last breath. I suddenly believe that he is the angel that God had sent to me. I love him. I really do love him.

And thats it. I was crying when I wrote this in exam hall, hahah. So yeah, the name have nothing to do with him, actually. Just hoping that this essay will not going to be a huge story in school later, just hoping. Because I knew certain people in my school have being kpochi lately. I wonder why. Just wonder why. Ha ha.

P/S : Been writing this at Mc'D with girlfriends.

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