I am the person I know best,

Wednesday, June 8

''Is there anything worth looking for, worth loving for,worth lying for. Is there anything, worth waiting for, worth living for, worth dying for?"

I'd answer it, as yes. But for now, I'll be lying to myself and say no. There's a lot of my friends told me, this year gonna be eventful, and yet the early year have gone so well. For me, not so much. I don't remember anything big happening or I might just blame my memory capacity for this. I met a few of lovely people. Lost my bestfriend. Not to think lost a few friends. Met a bunch of backstabbers. Made mistakes. Loved unconditionally. Wasted a lot of times. Cried at nights just I couldn't complete my editorial works. Rushing around the school to snap what events happening. Not to forget, cried on the floor front the office because of the school computer automatically vanished all my work photos. Fuck that. Oh and I increasing my amount of scars. I cut my hand. I cut my body. Got less trashy. Felt down because I failed Add Maths. Used a lot of sarcastic language. Normal occurrences in life I assume.

I'm going off to hostel today. I got classes starting tomorrow. But I dont know, I dont feel excited for any of this. I still got two documentation to complete. The Prefects' and The Teachers' Day. Ugh. Okay, hoping that someone could be nice to help me on that. Its now 1207, I'm not done with packing my stuffs yet. My room is messed now. Got a lot of things to buy later. And I need to enter my hostel before 1800, ugh. Patience. Patience. I need more patienceee.

Everythings going to be okay. Breathe a little.

Gotta pack. Till then,Au revoir.