Monday, June 6

Hi ! Its been a wild holiday for me.

What's up with everyone? If you're interested to know what's up with me, I'm pretty much great over here! Everything has gone so well for me and I have so many things to share but I'm too lazy to write, hmm. So let start with school.

I'm waiting for my Mid-Term result to come out and of course, I hope there's not more than two subject to get failed. And in case you missed it, I was doing well on this exam and a bunch of my friends realize that I was not the same Shahera as they knew before. *Smile. Well, yeah so maybe Abid influenced me alot in my studying since he is my new competitor. Mummy told me that I should keep that passion in study until the big exam come.

"A best friend should be."

And that's my answer to whom keep asking me why I need to put his name as a rival and as a other half of me. I put him first to look out for help. And I am struggling hard to achieve higher grade and ranking since I bet him that I'll be at higher ranking than him (and if God wills it). So for now, his Add Maths is higher than mine and so do Mod Maths. Hahaha. Insyallah, if ada rezeki other than that my marks will get higher than him. I'm pretty sure about it.

Oh and what else? I've been planning to catch up with elective subjects and asking for a help from Huda to teach me. I dont know, maybe. Since I am now can get along with her.

School matters, hostels problems and class and teachers. I think I should not feel abandoned since I still got a few friends to share my problems with and of course since I've got my own personal advisor (ha ha ha!). Abid really helped me out with some circumstances that I myself feel blank. The only phrase from him that I still hold onto is "Jangan fikir sangat fasal orang lain."

So yeah it helps me a lot, and sometimes not. But yet, he still give some words even at my worst.

About the planning what to do after my SPM. I think its still early to plan anything. Just a rough planning, I thought of studying in San Fransisco. Taking a Dip. in arts, maybe. I'm not sure about it. And if you ask me why I'd to choose San Fransisco? I've been admiring the victorian architecture, the steep hills and cable cars, the hippies with flowers in their hair, the parades of liberalism, I can go on and on. Always found this city inspiring in so many ways. And so, I always dreamt of living there. One day.

I think that's one of inspiring surrounding I can be at. So yeah. Need to struggle in my SPM, and maybe I should try applying for scholarships and shit like that in order to make this happen. Whatever, I really need to focus on my study, thats all for now. Pray for me. Always pray for me.

That's it. For now. But don't worry, I've still got a whole lot to tell you, I just want to save em up for the next post. I don't want to bore you with too many stories in one post, and I'm also preventing the possibility of running out of stuff to tell. Help me out then, tell me what you want to read. What you want me to post. It will be helpful!

Turrah !