Electric feel,

Wednesday, July 20

Last weekend was wonderfully spent with the schoolmates, classmates and of course the whole batch of eleven. Had a kenduri on Friday, at Cikgu Muhamad's house, so all the students were there the whole day. The day was spent eating, helping for the kitchen chores and sitting at the beach. And of course, its a cliche for all, having all the shouting and jumping maniacally in the house since our class consist of most girls. Nothing new there. But it was great having what now we called a family get together, it never fails cheering me up a bit.

And yesterday we had an event for Cikgu Muhamad's retirement, and everything went well.

Last Sunday, our batch had a small meeting up in the hall. I thought it was just a simple talk and speech from headboy and the headgirl. And the last thing I remember was, the meeting end up with all tears and hugs. That was the morning, that I might never forget.  I realize it a long time ago, that our batch was like breaking apart and apart each day and time. It was not like a matter of we were too busy and we have no time to spend our time together, its all about that we don't really live in harmony and never tolerate to each other.

The most thing is we don't have the word 'cooperate' in our life. The school counselor made us draw bar charts based on our progression in all subjects. There was a bar that indicated what each subject teacher predicts we will snag for our real exam. The amount of A's listed sure did make us feel content for a while. Five minutes later, reality smacked me in the head, hard. SPM is in exactly four months. And it seems like our batch not really ready for it. But then, after the fiery speech from Muslim, and after the moment when I, first time saw the boys cried, then it hit me ; we really need to change. We really need to work as one, for this.

We hug, and we cried on each other shoulders. Everyone motivated themselves and we had a halaqah to see each every faces. And that day, I realize that we are still a family, a big family that need each other to complete the MEGA Batch XI. And yeah, I still want to strive for the best like (almost) everyone out there.

And now, I did sacrifice and still at the hostel, going to attend the extra classes with some of twenty-seven others this weekend. I burnt my Chelsea football match ticket, and I would missed to watch the last episode of Harry Potter and most of all, I missed to spent time with a bunch whole of my family in KL. I cried this morning, but yet I'm still struggling to face these less than two weeks before my Ttttrial SPM 2011.

And tonight, am going to teach Abid for English, and complete my Chemistry notes. Going to attend the Biology and English class tomorrow at 2.30 pm. Thats all, for now. Am going to court to play basketball.