Feels good here,

Friday, July 22

I assume some of you may have noticed my lack of update or sudden disappearance, haha or maybe no one actually cares. There isnt much to tell. I just gt back from Physics class, and will continue for Add Maths class at 2.30 pm. Still waiting for my friend to get me lunch, and now I'm browsing through my social network.

Whenever I log on my facebook and browse through my updates, I see photos of my friends around, you see changes in them and wonder, and hey when did that happen? Its kind of funny, not the hilarious funny, but funny how things have changed so much in over a few years. Months to be exact. Then you realize, that you don't know because you havent been around in their lives that much, neither have they been in yours. Now with the things going on in my life, its kind of sad to learn how little your friends know about you.

This is what happens when you grow up, friends drift apart. Life works that way. Sad, is it not?

And I never knew I could be here to this extend,