Do you believe in outer space ?

Friday, September 9

This is beyond frustrating. Anger and sadness mashed up in one, even that can't really match up to the emotions running in me as I speak. I kept myself silent, for awhile.

I cried the whole night, for these few days. I dont know. I just dont feel enough with myself. Everything is so wrong now. I failed to fix my own problems. I failed to stand still. I feel completely a failure. I blamed others even I know its all my own fault. Everythings have been a little hectic lately but then again, its been that way for quite a while already. The only thing I could now is, I shouldnt be so hard on myself. Stop being a paranoid.

Or maybe I am never good enough. I never have been and I guess, never will be.

Now, whatever it says. Just follow the flow~

September 9, 2011.