Saturday, September 17

Life have been really hectic these days. Got a slight problem with him, which I actually dont know how to solve it by my own. I'd rather sitting on my bed, starring at the ceiling for a few hours, than crying. I got confused with my own self. Walking up stairs the tank alone at 2 am. Sneaked out from hostel at 3 am, alone. I dont know. I just dont know. I dont really need someone to talk to now. Life have been so much easier if I had him actually. SPM is just less than 60 days actually which I should conclude to myself, I dont really have much time for anything else than study, book and focus.

So yesterday, September 16, the whole batch gathered at Chendering Beach Park for a BBQ Party. Everything went really well, with a whole bunch lot of games and food - of course ! I dont think I should write more since everything just looked perfect, just perfect, yesterday.

Just spending some perfect time with Hafizah today :-)