Losing hope,

Sunday, November 20

Dearest readers,

I hope everyone's doing good both physically and mentally. I've been through a lot of 'mind-wandering' days that I didn't realize that it's 11th of November which means I'm going to end up my high school in  less than two weeks! Everyone is still busy studying and covering for five last subjects, while I'm here on my bed in 107, writing this entry. 

And to you-know-who-you-are, stop acting nice in front of me, I had enough of all of these. Just, if you find that I'm actually okay in acting nothing wrong when we were together, you are totally wrong. I had enough  with you, and your sweet talks and promises. I'm tired of our dramas that never comes to an end. Just, stay away. Thats it. I hope you're gonna read this one since you never failed in stalking, don't you ? I have completely erased you from my memory, and this was my answer after the long silence I gave you.

I should stop writing here. Wish me luck for my Agama paper tomorrow ! 

P/S : , but I will not forget what you've done to me.