Typing a word or two,

Sunday, December 25


I'm okay now, I'm just feeling lazy to type more about my trip. So maybe I'll wait for Zawani to share my photos in her camera and after that I'll post 'em all on my blog. Okay ?

Weh, seriously I don't know what to write else. HAHAHA. Just went back from Christmas Eve celebration with cousins. Pampered myself with Starbucks frapuccino ice cream and pretzel sticks chocolate dipped from Auntie Anne's. Went to Rumah Kuih this evening to help with catering thingy when I actually end up being moody all the night seeing someone who I actually can't bear looking at.

I have been keeping in all my frustrations and disappointments, all bottled up. Maybe I've reached my limit, I didnt know what triggered my insane mood tonight but I realised I meant every word I said. I am just so sick of being used and yet, treated less than what I deserve. I'm afraid of saying word 'love' and 'forever' since I dont have a good bond with the word L. I dont know, I just feel we have to stop all these things. I'll be okay, and I'm sure as hell you'll be okay too.

Thats all.

I'm done and I'm tired. I'm not going to spoil my Christmas Day on 2011 with all these tears and shits and dramas. I'm done.