Memo #2

Tuesday, January 10

If you don’t like something someone posts don’t go into there ask and hate on them. If you don’t like someone’s Youtube video don’t comment on it negatively. Hating on someone just makes you look like an idiot. And never tell someone to die, I don’t care if you think it’s just a joke, or it doesn’t mean anything. You never know if that message could push the receiver over the edge and cause them to commit suicide. Think before you speak both online and offline.

If you're having a problem with someone, no need to post it on your Facebook. There's no point of bashing him/her on Facebook wall. It would be much better to have a slow talk rather than mocking in the public because it would only make everything getting worse. Sometimes handling such this situation by keeping yourself silent is good, but then sometimes we, as human being, have our own patience limit. You know, when you're being nice, but people treating you worse.

I, myself, have a patience limit. I am not a type of person who keeping on grudges on some people who treat me bad. No. I am this type of one who let gone be bygone. As simple as that. I don't use my Facebook as a medium to bash people I dislike. My Twitter is not a place for people like you, who took my Tweets as a serious thing. I realize my Tweets were offensive, well, I speak fluent sarcasm, so its not a big deal for some people like you who use sarcastic word better than me. Aite?

You stalked me, then you got hurt by yourself.

See? Now, think. What did you do just now is not the way to solve our problem. Not at all. I've tired of all of these. And I think you too. Just stop acting like this and move on. I'm not going to post another entry with a lot of cursing words, so right now I'm just going to be like asasfsafdgdkja. Done.