Time machine,

Friday, January 13

Hello everyone. It's been a wild holiday for me. As I'm writing this, I'm reading emails from readers of this blog, which mostly asked "How are you Sher? What's new?". So, here's an answer. I'm great. Very great actually."What's exactly your plans through out your long break?" This question is the tough one I guess. Truth to be told, I have so much things to do. Such like working at the cafe near my Granny's place (since I am currently living with my Granny now), getting involved with music stuffs, redecorate my room in Terengganu, take a driving license, more serious in photography and writing, more more and more.

But sadly, I have to take care my aunty so I need to forget about my planning for these few weeks.

So here I am, doing nothing rather than starring this screen getting active in all my social network (lifeless me). It's funny how I claim myself as a writer nowadays, but now I feel like I have no idea what to write. Well, I've got ideas, we all have ideas don't we? It's how we express those ideas into something presentable, that's the real challenge. I have no smart ideas for this post, I'm just trying to keep my promise to keep this blog alive with stories and photos. I am afraid you guys, yes my lovely readers, will get bored of reading my rambling rants about what happening in my life so far. Pardon me, I shouldn't bore you guys, I know and I'm sorry.

Just wanted to share this good news that actually flatters me a bit. I am working on with my manuscript, it's 15% completed and yes, getting the manuscript done is the most difficult part of publishing a book. I don't know how long it took for me to actually complete this. Lets just hoping I will going to complete this less than 6 months? LOL. And due to past experiences, I choose not to be super-excited about this project. Just need to be more focus with this.

Hope you're all okay out there. Take care! Hugs and kisses!