I am all my flaws,

Sunday, March 4

Own phs & editing by me.

I am nothing today, and this doesnt bother me at all. I wonder how I got here after every chance I had. I am too lazy to walk down from my bed, take a bath and walk through the kitchen to find some food. I am the most stressed out laziest person ever I don’t even know how I do it. Right now I'm rummaging through all of my old boxes, and I just found something that caught my heart right away and make me reminiscing all of my old memories once I was in my boarding school, everything just, yeah, I lost words. I don't know, I miss hugging someone when I'm just feeling to knelt down close to the Earth. I miss having a close heart-to-heart conversation with the whole members of aspuri. I miss letting myself getting tortured with my own tormented feeling. I miss everything, I just miss every-single-thing.

But then again,that was just me, being overdramatic.

What to do.