Sunday, March 18

The thing about me is, I have a problem saving files under a proper name, and another problem remembering it too. Every time I finished doing my work in my laptop, I would simply save it under names like "lol" "lul" "kok" "jok" "ase" "der" and whatnot. And most times I'd just "asdfghjkl" it. Before you start accusing me of being lazy, I'm going to admit that, I was being lazy.

So, a few days back I was playing around with the 'Template Designer' setting in my blog. So just to be safe, I saved my current blog html design in my computer. And after a few attempts of changing the layouts, I decided that I'm gonna stick to my old layout design (I'm a sad creature mostly because if I find something I love, I usually stick with it until I get sick of it). And what happen was, I forgot what name I saved it as. I tried everything from my usual " lol" and "asdfghjjkl" but no, that wasnt it. It was the stupidest thing ever, and I was stuck with my ugly looking blog, so I had to hide my blog under a different url so no one would see it. It was damn ugly I swear. All the fonts and setting just gone haywire.

And today, lucky for me, I found it.

You know what name I saved it as?


You heard that right. BOOM.

Of all things.