Johnny Cash

Monday, August 27


It's been another three months since I last blogged. I hope everyone's doing good both physically and mentally. I've been through a lot of 'mind-wandering' days that I didn't realize that it's August already and I'm still at home and yes I didnt start my college life yet lol. Omg and right now I feel totally like a freak geek awkward so I decided to make a collage of my instagram photos and put up on my blog so yeah I did this for the fun of it, a British blogger whose blog I frequent does this pretty often and I thought it was kind of cool. Since my college life is not even start yet, I've been on picnics and discovering more places around the city. I really wish I had more stories to tell, but to be frank, I don't. So I'll just leave you some random photos for this week first and I'll come back with another post um maybe tonight? Cause I've been in such a good mood right now so I'll write something for you to read okay. Fingers crossed! ☀