all the company I need

Tuesday, October 16

one by one, people began dropping out of my life,
and I can't say I was sad about it.

they'd come to me with questions, like
"where have you been?"
"why don't we talk any more?"

and I'd string them along with some
fairy tale
about how I'm sorry, and I've just been busy, that's all
  (after all, I was a student and that's my full time job)
and they'd get angry or annoyed,
and I'd pretend to be upset about it,
to preserve their ego.

or sometimes I just wouldn't answer
at all,
because how could I explain it to them?
who would ever believe
that I would rather sit alone at my desk
with a pen and a notepad
and a fresh cup of tea
than go out and party
or make friends
or keep them?