Something old,

Saturday, November 10

Phs taken from my instagram during Alive Tour.               .

Hej ! So let me say sorry first as I'm starting writing this because I'm afraid one of my reader will probably end up puking to the degree you could vomit blood once reading this (lol cz I can't even stop myself with this never-ending obsession). So please just for this once, let me write my feels oh my feels on my blog since I'm actually GD bias but T.O.P is my first person whom I looked up to and frequent (I dont have any idea why lol) and thats probably the reason why my polaroids photos consists of T.O.P's face I swear to god. So how did I feel when he was that close? Lol of course I'm experiencing his amazingly beautiful looks and his sexy voice in person was an experience that I can only compare to magical unicorns and rainbows. I died a thousand deaths from swooning and complete happiness that day. Hm. So umh brace yourself with chooming T.O.P during his encore stage in Malaysia guyzzz lol ! (you'll regret if you dont click the play button) This one is the most precious fancam I found thanked god please just click play lol