That night,

Friday, November 15

"what are you thinking about?"
he asked

she sat on that cigarette-stained couch with her wet hair
holding a mug of hot coffee,
facing his face

she said

he took the mug, "here"
while patting his lap and
she puts her head on

it's 3 am, when her 'nothing'
means everything is wrong
and nothing is right,

where her mind is the
scariest place to let her alone
where her heart is the
coldest place some people have ever visited

he then stroked her hair
until he saw the tears,
he wrap his arms around her shaking frame

he comforts her by telling her
she'll be safe with him,
nothing can hurt her
and that he will never leave her.

"you were protecting me" she said

and he pulled her closer
and said

"thats all i ever wanted to do
since i first saw you".