Things we lost,

Friday, December 13

It was that one night, something hits me real hard, that I had a thought of 'I must have saved the whole universe in my past life to be this lucky' to have this person in my life right now. Funny how I smile a lot but I don't know what is up with me that I laugh too much recently. And I swear, I swear if I could put on replay that moment when I looked at you and had this little tingling feeling inside me, I would save you in my playlist so when things don't quite go my way, I would put you on replay.

But trust me, the moment when I wrapped my hand around your arms, I was really scared. 

I was really scared of what the future could be.

And then I forgot how to love back.

I may be lost somewhere, 

and I need you to bring me back.

Please, I beg you.

Please find me and take me home.

I'm tired, I'm just tired.