Just needed something that rhymed.

Friday, June 24

Talent. Everyone has them, don't ever say you don't. You'll find out if you dig deeper enough. Everyone is gifted with talents of their own. Something they are able to do that can outshine them from others. Some were born to sing, some were born draw, some were born write, some can even play a certain instrument just by listening to the music. I think thats what life is about. We'll grow up, using the talents we were given and see what it will bring us, where it will take us.

Its already 6.26 pm. I only got less than 2 hours to get ready for the drama theater ! Am acting as a Rokiah in Masam Masam Manis, ugh the heroine one! Imagine out yourself, ha ha. Tak kelakar. Just pray that I dont did anything reckless, being gelabah apa semua.

So yeah, its just an express post. Pray for me, my team. Turrah !