Monday, June 20

Hi, its been a really unproductive week. Its my first day of school since my school have a one day break since Terengganu won the Sukma and FA Cup. And tomorrow, my school again got a one day break because of the kayak-ing conquest. Phew, what a lot of break we got this week. And well thumbs up for those who have been attending school five days straight without falling asleep in class or skipping certain subjects.

Moving on. Been missing my sister lately. She's now in Australia. Crying the whole week like fck, and I can't make any call on her. Last two nights were the worst ever. I went to her 'class' and I tried to find her, and I called her name. Suddenly I realize, she's no longer there. I called her, and it gt engaged. I sometimes feel like leaving, or running away, I don't exactly know where but just somewhere far and isolated, where there is no one I know. I am frustrated, I have been for a while.

I dont know.I'm just confused. I'm blank. Just, I dont know.

The only thing I need the most, right now.

P/S : And Daddy, if you're reading this. Probably wanna wish you Happy Dad's Day. Thanks fr everything ;) I love you.