Saturday, August 13

It sucks you know. When everything is doing fine then , it all crashes again. And the worst part is, I really don't want to try and put it all back together again, but I have to. So many feelings. So, so many feelings.I’m learning… but time is ahead of me. I don’t know what is wrong with me. It is such a strange state to be in; to cry almost everyday and every night without knowing or understanding exactly why. I am worn out. New things happen. Old things re-happen. I have a lot to digest and even a lot more to do. I have people to please; people I can’t say “no” to.

Shit happens.

My SBP Trial went well so far, and just 2 papers more left for next week. I can't wait for my exams to be over and done with, but scoring this is theleast I can do after wrecking pretty much most of my high school years. I'm doing this not only for my mum, but for myself as well. To prove to those that are probably smirking as they read along this lines right now, that I am not an idiot.

Thanks to those who were behind me, ready to catch me when at one point, I feel so insecure. Thanks for being by my side, every night, just to support me. Thanks for your cheesy blended talks that made my day. Thanks for your understanding, and some of your kindness that always touched my deep. Thanks for fixed everything straight when I ruined up our weekend. And thanks for being with me, all along this time. Thank you.

To keep me sane. I think to keep me sane. You don't know how much thought I've invested in you. That's a strange term but hey I'm trying not to bore you people with my deep dig post. A mixed of an internal and external interaction is always difficult. Aforesaid statement. Thats it.