Monday, August 22

Rhu Muda Beach,


its already 1.30 am here. Been typing this in room, while my mind is trembling somewhere else. I dont know whats and whys, and I dont have any idea what had happened. Everyone is acting fucking weird and totally pathetic, so I guess this is may be because of the tensed that we all have to bear with since exam is just around the corner. But hey, we all are in the same situation, so please stop acting like you're the one who gonna sit for the big exam.


And if you think that you're such a lucky person to be called as the head in school, think back. Theres nothing to be proud of it. Theres no need to be proud of it at all. Sorry to say, but then I dont feel any respect anymore to whom I shall call her as a head, at here. I dont know, I just dont know. I just think that she dont deserves any respect, like seriously.

I dont see why this post seems to be so emo.

Anyway, I think I should stop writing here.