Friday, September 2


Hi! It's been awhile, I apologize for the absence of posts. So I'm still here, still breathing, and it seems like I'm still anchored to my melancholic past. Its already fourth RAYA !

Just celebrated the first day of Raya at my dad's hometown in Kuala Terengganu, spent our raya eve there as well. Despite the fact that raya at here is never really as festive as it is in some people's hometowns, where they play fireworks, make dozens of lemangs with hundreds and thousands of cousins and even visit the whole neighbourhood, it was great celebrating the joyful occasion with my family. 

And celebrated the third Raya at my mom's hometown in Johor Bahru. Everything went well. I'm going back to hostel tomorrow, which is on fifth day of Raya and its totally f-ing bloody pathetic. 

Ohh, I need to stop writing by now, am going to get myself ready for beraya and goodbye (Be right back as in see you later folks) !