Finders Keepers

Saturday, December 10

I'm not really sure what is going on? I mean, besides the explicit discomposed countenance, I don't even know what's happening. With all those stuffs I heard, rumors are spreading here and there, yes again. I thought when my high school ends, my life would be better, but I was wrong. Everything now is so unexplainable. I don't know where did it start, I don't know whose wrong is it. I don't know. People irking me around just by mouthing words. And now the only thing I could do is, stay back and shut off my mind from thinking about all of all these.

I have sort of these feelings that could put my mind at ease. A part of that is the feeling that help me running away from any distraction. And another part of it could put myself easy when it comes on handling any tough situation. I don't know. I just feel like a superhuman. One thing I can definitely ace is to tune out my surroundings. I get all beastly when someone tries to harass my enclosed tranquility -- that's like asking for a forthwith smack on the face. So, admitted milksop, back off. Way off.

This was one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time. Apart from the terrible occurence that happened early of the week, everything else was great. In fact, it was awesome :-) Just went out with my cousin today to celebrate her SPM-just-end-today-weehoo, when its end up with a movie catch up with Khabir. LOL. Only then I realize that my camera didnt snapped any of my photo with her .

  I will soon flood this blog with photos as

 I can't just keep on writing nonsense. Stay tuned people!