Sarcasm is a body's natural defense against stupid.

Thursday, December 8

Hello, silent readers and fellow bloggers!

My day was chill. Nothing exciting. I didn't have nothing more to write or tell you about. I'm just spending my whole day in front of my laptop screen, replying my friends mention on Twitter. Poking people in Facebook (which sounds quite annoying) and gossiping with my girls while signing in our own social networks account. Spending the whole night at Emira's and Olin's place when Khabir came after that. Dropping by just to say hi when its end up of sharing laughter and a whole bunch a lot of our family's issues and stories.

After having dinner meal, my girls and I rushed up from the bed and took our notebooks and sat at the verandah, chilling with moon light and night breeze.

And before 11 pm, my mom picked us up.