Hardest way,

Saturday, December 3


Felt like typing out a word or two tonight. Possibly more. Definitely more.

2011 is the year that went by so fast , maybe a little too fast. It's the year my so-called-friends walk out of my life, and it's the year I realize who the real ones are. Its the year I felt the most pressure to the point where I gave up so many times but I'm still learning how to get back up. Its the year I said I'm going to accomplish great things yet I feel like I just wasted time. Its the year I cried over too many pointless things, too many times. Its the year I look back on all the lifetime memories in which I find myself missing the people in them. But its also the year I move on, slowly and I realize that, that is okay.

Its also a year that I learnt alot. Cheating. Lying. Being a hypocrite. Learning to be a good actress and dramatic people, and luckily I realize I am totally good in it. Its also a phase what people called growing up when I decided to being such a two-faced people when facing people I hate. Its also a year I was over-exposed to both sunlight and radiation, which makes me a dumb mutant. HAHAHA. Going through changes at first I couldn't even bear to face. When I actually can't even answered simple algebra questions. Accept the fact that I was actually at my bottom phase and the fact that I wasn't genius compared to everyone else.

2011 brings me a lot of definition that I could never found them anywhere. Though there some things fell apart without us even knowing, but I believed I still have something I could always hold onto.