I Suffocate, I'm About To Drown

Monday, December 5

This photos were taken on my last day at school. And truth to be told, I still couldn't believe I have end up my high school, and that's mean I am no longer a newbie to the legal age, old enough to be called an adult, but no too embarrassed to admit it. My big exam went well so far, thank God ! And for those who do not know or live in a totally different planet (or country), we 17 year old Malaysian students had to sit for this huge exam that's supposed to be "the key" to our future.  Its like the SATs for Americans, IGCSE for Britain people.

So my high school is finally over and done with. If you could read my previous post back then in December 2008, you would be able to read my first real entry in this blog. How I was being completely an immature brat with rambling rants that I'm not supposed to write. How cheesy I am, when it comes to love. And how tough I am, still alive even when I have to face my hardest term. How fast time flies. Cliche but very, very true. To be honest, I will miss high school, and my girlfriends.

//You'll never know pain until you look into the eyes of someone you love, and they look away.