Sunday, December 11

My dear whoever you are,

I know you're gonna read this one. My pretty, I never want to hurt you, somebody like you. Khabir is one of the lucky guy to once have you in his life. He never stopped to tell me, sharing stories, about you. I understand your situation, but I'm not in. I don't have any knot to feel it, since its was like I-am-on-top-and-you-know-feel-the-bottom. I'm not going to write something that kills you very deep, and now, trust me, I'm trying my very best to write something good and you're not going to feel bad anymore.

I know, you would feel jerk when you read this one. Irking at me. Mocking me to 'snatch' your love away. Look, you should understand the situation by now. Khabir let you go, because he wants to. Its not because of anyone else, but himself. He decided that. I, myself just wants the best for him. I only listened the whole strory, what happened and what did you do to him. Just from one side. I never heard from you, since I know, you're not going to act nice with me.

Khabir is my childhood bestfriend. I knew him since we were just kids. And that time, he was nothing for me. Nothing. But everythings changed. People changed. I just wanna make sure whats best for him and for us. Please D, you don't have to do anything starting from now. If you feel insecure to talk about this, just write on your tumblr so I could read what you feel and what you want. I hope you have an urge to reply me. I really wanna talk to you. I really do. I'm not a bad people, anyway.

Take care, and dont do something reckless.