I'd Kill To Go Back To High School,

Sunday, January 29


As good as my life has started to turn out nowadays, I often still find myself reminiscing the good old days of high school. Like everyone already noted, the date of my big exam result will be announced is on 22nd March 2012 at 10.00 am. I re-tweeted most of tweets about the date, just to make note to myself to be ready for any of the consequences that might would be happen. I also got asked frequently about my high school life. Well, this post goes out for those who are curious to know how I was in high school. Here are some questions and answers:

1.  What were you like in high school?
I loathe all the teenage crap I had to deal with everyday. I remember always wishing for high school to be over as soon as possible. The peer pressure was really depressing. I was very "low profile" back then, didn't have that much friends. All I did in class was sleeping and being online on my cellphone. The teachers knew me as the one who always sleep and what even worst I am the only one in the class that was so dumb and always got the worst grade in the school.

2. In high school, were you a good student or bad student?
To be frank, I hated high school when I still in it. I hate both of high school I've been in. The one that I hate most was the boarding school which was the last school I attended and the place where I end up my high-school-hood. The only place where I've to bear with high depressing level, the only place where it taught me everything - about life. Here I realized that I am not good enough for myself, the place where I see there's still a whole a lot of bunch kids that genius than me. I never skipped school, (of course no! since it is a boarding school and the batch only consist of 136 pupils LOL it's impossible to skipped any of classes). I never skipped school, but yet I admit I often sneaked out every night to go out, probably the reason is unacceptable, but yes, I sneaked out just to treat my taste buds LOL. I always did bad in my exams, I've been labelled a problematic student by teachers and whatnot. The bad things were always pointed to me and whats good always for someone else.

3. What was your favorite high school activity?
I reminisce a lot of things I had once I was there. There this one greatest thing I had, I joined this hiking expedition and gladly, I managed to reached the 5th ranked highest mountain in the South East Asia, Mount Kinabalu. I made great friends in my senior year, since in Form 4 I spent my time more with the sisters and my so-called-gang at that time (LOL can't stop laughing when I remembered this issue).

4. Would you go back to high school if you could?
LOL, at first no. But yeah, if and only if I could really go back to high school, I would say yes, though I need to repeat everything, yeah everything including the being-a-good-actress part, with all those craps I had to bear with the batch, get into fight with teachers and students, getting the fact that I am no longer called a genius kid, I would say yes for the second chance to go back to high school. I wish I was more smarter back then, so I could eliminate all the stupidity I've done. Even though I really, really, really hated high school, I'd still do anything if I could get into a time machine and do it all over again even if I should be stupid again. The essence of high school is certainly all the foolishness, craziness, and ridiculous drama. I'd like to have a second chance.

5. So do you believe in yourself that you can get straight As in this big exam?
Hahaha. This one. LOL. I, myself  have gave up all the time when it comes to this. I am no longer believe in myself that I can get straight As, sorry to say this and this might dissapoint many of people out there. I'm sorry, I failed many times. I'm such a timid person, mindless and worthless person to keep. So here I am, thank you for those prayers, I have did all my best and I hope, I really hoping that everyone could see my enthusiast of trying. Just that.  Some of you that haven't known me in the real world might have made a snap judgment that I was "miss popular" and somewhat "miss best-student" in school. With all the friends, the super cool look, the parties, the boys, the drama. Well, well, I'm nothing at all like that. I was really an average student, my friends aren't that much, I never party, I personally think I looked nasty. But drama, of course, who doesn't go through the damn drama in school?

For my dear readers who are still in high school, you should enjoy every minute. No matter how much it sucks. I really do regret wasting away all my precious time while I was still in high school. Because when I moved away for college, I realized that the 'real world' is way different than being a high schooler. I gained freedom after I graduated, however the responsibilities aren't little. So, please, have as much fun you can! Believe me, you can ask anyone who has graduated high school, they would totally kill to go back. Talk to you again soon!