They said, you're just a volunteer prostitute.

Thursday, January 5

Greetings, how are you?

Another short update this is. I'm sorry for the lack of posts, and this one is just a short one. I've been working with my aunty, taking care of her while she is in her abstinence (pantang). I am forevermore occupied with night shifts and also, books. I also have a planning with Ismail, a friend of mine while we were in Vietnam trip, we are going to work at the same place after this Chinese New Year. My body's defense is really suck, I got fever all of a sudden. With a bad sore throat and even worst I barely breathing when nights come because of the runny nose and sort of that.

Oh by the way, did you remember about my Christmas wish-list? I actually have got what I want, though its just maybe 3/4 of them? LOL. Lucky me, yay ! So maybe I have a problem with my Toms, since its completely have a pigskin layer in it, and the whole day I havta wait for the shoemaker to actually took the layer off. I'm tired, will write more soon. Bye,