Meaning of secret.

Monday, February 27

Own ph & editing by me.

All throughout the night my head it ached. It throbbed, pounded, twinged out in misery. The cries of lost thoughts. Memories I once held close to my heart are now a distant day-dream. A hallucination brought upon by the beating sun. Every touch, every laugh, every kiss, every cry, now only as loud as my pulsing veins and my beating heart. Silence fills my brain. A silence that could never be in your presence. Such a peculiar thought. That I could have silence.

One would think I’d find it comforting, when in fact I find it frustrating. All the time I spent weaving a love, burnt to ashes. All the fires I lit to keep us from going cold. None of it matters now, it’s all dust in the wind. And here we are. Exactly as we were in years past. Strangers. But I feel the wind, and so do you. The wind that carries all of what once was. I welcome it with open arms. I breath it in. Past love is never last love. Through you I acquired the skill to deviate from the better and the worst.

I trust no eyes. I believe no words. I touch no heart. Someone reaches out to me and takes my hand. Who am I to turn away from such a warm embrace? I am the girl who walks the tightrope with him, always my wings. I am the girl who used to walk the tightrope with you, but always stumbled on your thorns. So here I breath a last breathe for you, your cold heart had left my innocence dormant. I am but a wandering sparrow, hoping with this new love lays my home.