Pour out all the pain.

Sunday, February 19

Own phs & editing by me.

It's not easy to please people. It's not that easy to stay solid when facing such excessive emotional exposure. It's never been easy for us to face those unexpected life-process that's coming towards us. Life is ain't easy. Sometimes I think that maybe we as a human-being living too much with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Or maybe we all still didn't realize that as a person, we have feelings. We get hurt and not a single word will make us feel better and not even with a word 'sorry'. The problem with other people is that they only say sorry to end the argument, but they don't really mean it.

That's the thing.

Why we let our heart win instead of winning others? I honestly don't understand why, but just is. Or maybe the new modernized era that we were living now that taught us to be like this? We shouldn't let the emotion of being conceit constantly and consistently taking us over. Maybe we should let meditating became a regular thing to do, and just let our heart lose this time.

And now I just needed to run. I am drawn to the idea of twisting and manipulating the words I've been wanting to mouth. I am definitely drawn to the perplexity this state offers me, but I needed to run. Getting too attached to something isn't good. Almost never good. People would start asking questions that will never get its answers. Day by day, we start to lose faith. ' You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourself '. Sounds familiar, no?