Midnight strikes !

Tuesday, March 13

Own phs & editing by me.

I was this close to delete my blog - 97%.

I've literally studied all day. — LOL no. I'm just doing fine over here, waking up early morning, and find mummy making beef bacons and mushroom omelette. And I love the after smell of her cooking. There's just something about a certain place that you've rarely been to that makes you feel so, relaxed. Everything seems nicer here. Even the T.V looks nicer. If that is even possible.

Anyway, my interest in blogging is dwindling as I am no longer tied to any interesting anecdote. I was never a compelling lass, and the image of me being described as one will never appear. I am pretty much squeezed in a tight schedule. I mean, seriously, I looked like a half-dead zombie because the lacking of sleeps. I swear to God, the last time I need to bear with this kinda problem when I was in the hostel and it was so last year. Sad laif.

Just received the notice about SPM results set to be released on 21st March — which even confusing me a bit. Whatever LOL I just need to calm the fak myself down until the actual day to come and probably enjoy every single bit of day on my long-term holiday. (I should really remind myself like this every second) I am as of now, packing up my stuffs into luggage — LOL I sounded a bit of exaggerating here just now. I'm going to Johor Bahru tomorrow after lunch, and I'm not sure whether I'm going back to Singapore or just drive straight away to Terengganu to take my result. I don't know yet, my parents are being too unpremeditated about our schedule for this week, geez.

But as for now, let's turn up the volume as Remembering Sunday by All Time Low is on my playlist. Goodnight, whoever you might be.