Fickle Minded

Monday, April 16

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I seriously don't have nothing to tell you here recently and thats explained why I neglected this blog for such a long period. I havta accept the fact that 2012 journey is still long, well because I'm already exhausted even we're still not yet reaching the mid-year. Driving classes are so tiring, and treat me real pathetic when I need to woke up early in the morning and fight with my tired eyes since lately I havent had much sleep these past few weeks and I have no one to blame but myself. Most of my friends are now already started their college life while I'm still here, lazying in my bunk lifelessly doing nothing productive other than watching Korean shows and dramas and movies and everything that related with it. I'm sux, I know.

When I've been asked about where I'll be starting college, I sort of don't know what to answer cause deep down inside, I'm really really hoping to get a scholarship so I can carry on with my education far from here. I don't think I'd want to start college anytime soon anyway. Hey, I've been tortured mentally almost two years full of heart-wrenching moments to finished up SPM in my boarding school and almost 11 years — freaking iˈlevn years to end up my schooldays. Now that I'm back, I hardly had time for myself so yeah, college can wait for a bit. I think so. But my parents thought it would be wise if I registered early for college, early as in next week instead of July. But no, I'm not doing that yet, I need more time to rest my brain machine since six months is not yet enough. Woah, six months without thinking-process seems legit. LOL. So if I didn't get any call from any Uni that I'd applied for, I am planning to start study in July, studying foundations in communication at Taylors Lakeside and I hope I won't disappoint my parents. No, not again.

That's it. Goodbye.