Underneath The Stars,

Thursday, April 26

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Close enough to delete this blog about 98% of chances. LULZ

Hi guys! I haven't posted in ages due to busy-ness of not being able to put my butt on exactly its place. It’s only Thursday, it’s been a slow one since the heavy downpour this evening. I wished I was by the streets now, having a cupcake & a hot coffee that I so badly crave. Been travelling around the globe is not such a great thing to me at this moment, I just feel like laying on a cozy bed, waking up and caught the morning sun rays under white lace curtains. That would be definitively my wish right now rather than woke up early in the morning and mumbling  holy crap, my body hurts everywhereee. I'm just gonna forcibly move my ass from the bed to the car and sleep all the way. So tired ☹

Just gonna add how disappointed I am about how these people are being fickle-minded person. So basically I am already tired of mentioning the same thing all over the time and wondering why there's still a plenty of people who never felt tired of trying to be someone who they're not. I just dont understand why. I mean how would you feel if you came up with brilliant ideas/a fashion trend/new angles on things/something really cool    and have someone else copy you without giving you credit? It sucks,doesn't it? Let me try portraying this in another perspective. Say for example you wasted hours on editing your blog and pictures, and find out that some other person posted pictures of him/herself exactly just like yours? Re-constructing his/her blog just like yours? Would you be, flattered? (that the person actually admires your ideas) or "that bitch totally copied me!" Just a thought. And yes, I was told this one girl in particular actually similarly re-styled everything like how I did mine. You know who you are☺. I do admit I like to "borrow" some ideas, but the thing about me is that I try to make it my own style. I'm quite flattered though. But just please get your own identity. It'll do you good.

Till then, may you have a good day !