Tuesday, October 30

Phs editing by me taken from various fancams.                          .

Post concert depression. That's what I'm going through now. 

I'm not into concerts. Well any crowded places actually. But I went to Bigbang Alive concert the other day because my sister forced me to accompany her, plus I had a crush on GD lol. Just one thing about the concert. Tears. I never ever thought that I will become one of those fans who will actually cry during the concert. I cried, at the start of the concert. When the lights were off and everyone was cheering so loud with their VIP lightsticks, that sea of yellow lights that I've yearned to see, it's so bloody touching.

Then the sound effect coming from the trailer on the big screen, my tears just streamed down so dramatically I can't even take it wtfffffffffffffff. There's so many things happened that night its impossible for me to keep all those memories perfectly all through my day so I decided to download all the fancams taken by those people there and just hoping that will help me remembering every tiny little pieces memories from that night.

It started raining heavily half an hour before the concert, yet it stopped right before the concert started and Taeyang slipped during Wedding Dress but he gave his cute smile to us and continue his performance like nothing happened. Watching all those fancams reminds me of the best part of that night. I was at the 2nd row of VIP C section which I have to say, that was the best spot ever-- center and not crowded and with the coolest VIPs I ever met. We all like super enjoying ourselves there. When others gathered at the front of the stage, we remained standing behind and were standing on our chairs. It was the best view ever... we felt like standing face to face with them (our eyes met) and when Bigbang sang, we felt as if they were singing to us!

My favorite part of the concert is probably when the crowd is singing along so loudly that they just stop for a minute and listens with a ridiculously happy grin on their face and you can tell that this is the greatest compliment they could ever receive: to have so many people responding so enthusiastically to their words and ideas. That is my favorite thing about music-- it brings people together.

Taeyang slipped and GD sliding/crawling on the ground and they were teasing us non-stop during the rehearsal and the crowd at outside went crazzzy. They rock the stage and Daesung just bring up the mic closer to him and laughed HA-HA-HA and the crowds at the outside of the stadium screaming hysterically in the rain. OMG. The show should have been end earlier since they already sing encore song, Heaven.They gave us at least 5 encore songs because we waited in the rain for almost 2 hours. Taeyang just said they can't us go like this and GD asked us whether we need MORE!  and sing one more time Bad Boy. Then though that could have be the ending but then they started to sing Fantastic Baby.

Really this should be the ending then the fans scream another encore. GD asked us what do we want then he smirk while shouting "I love Malaysia" and sing Hands Up. T.O.P was crying when the whole stadium sing happy birthday to him three times. After that he started to being playful and trolled with us. GD almost wanted to cry when give a speech to us. Taeyang endless shouting 'aku cinta pada mu' in the early concert till the end. Daesung sing Wings but then covered his face and almost cry when the whole stadium sing along with him. Seungri words that make the whole stadium warm was-- "Thanks for staying here even though its raining,even rain can't stop us" and the most memorable speech from GD "I have shows everyday everynight, but tonight will be the most concert that I will remember for the rest of my life." and he stay silent for a while. Then he closed his eyes and bowed while say thank you.

I dont know if he just said that to make us happy and feel bad for us. But of course they will treat us like that if we have been waiting outside the stadium for hours, with soaking in the rain, lightning under the sky, under the tree and our life on risk because the branches might hit us any second... lol. But whatevs, I think Malaysia did have the best crowd among the other after watching those fancams from other country-- its because MVIP had planned 4 missions on that day. We had made thousands of different color light sticks which are red and blue and 2 types of banners. The missions are

1 light up red light sticks when they sing FANTASTIC BABY anyway failed
2 sing UNTIL WHENEVER instead of shouting ENCORE with banner
3 sing birthday song to TOP after HARU HARU with birthday banner
4 light up blue light sticks when they sing BLUE