The ending of Faith

Wednesday, October 31


The ending of Faith.

Their happiness is short-lived when they see Gi Chul. Of course, Choi Young does his best to protect Eun Soo but it looks like it’s the end for him. And as he lies there dying, remembering his moments with her, his voiceover kills me. Especially the part where he answers his father’s question from the beginning of the drama - whether he found a reason to live. Yes - his reason to live is Eun Soo. Oh my God. You guys, I must have been cutting onions or something because tears tears tears. Even writing this, tears come again. And Eun Soo frantically tries to revive him but Gi Chul drags her away. And it’s a good thing I was spoiled that this has a happy ending or I would be having a coronary right about now.

Though Gi Chul gets a fitting punishment, frozen seconds away from the portal - he was unable to go through even as Eun Soo went through. The fact that GC wasn't able to go through really goes with my theory that the reason Choi Young was able to go through in the first place to bring Eun Soo, and was able to come back with Eun Soo, because she was always predestined to come back to Goreyo, because she was always needed to keep the history the way it was - to keep Nogook from dying, to keep Choi Young from dying or giving up, etc. And I think this is also the reason she later wasn't able to come back right away but went 100 years before - because she was predestined to leave those notes to past/future Eun Soo, to protect her past/future self and Choi Young. It’s significant that once she was able to do that, she could go to CY.

She is back in Seoul only long enough to grab her back (with cell and notebook - aha!) and a ton of medical supplies because she is desperate to go back to Choi Young and try to save him). And she runs and jumps through the portal only to discover she is 100 years too early. My heart! My heart! The last time I cried so hard was at Queen In Hyun’s Man - clearly the theme of lovers separated by centuries evokes waterworks in me. But I love how through it all she keeps faith. She keeps faith that Choi Young will survive somehow (and she is right - he will not let himself die when there is yet hope of her). Oh, and the scene with the video of her parents :(

I'm just gonna lie down and cry now because of that ending. I wasn't emotionally prepared for that rollercoaster what the hell. I am currently in a state of emotional chaos. Torn between bawling my heart out because my favorite drama has really ended and jumping for joy because Choi Young and Eun Soo got what they deserved, a happy ending. About fifteen minutes before the end when she returned before it had ever happened, and was talking about it… I was just sobbing. Normally I can use my gifs to express how I feel, but not in this situation. I was literally crying my eyes out, sobbing, I couldn't even hardly see the screen because of the tears in my eyes.

And then I managed to gain control of myself during the montages of our Imja couple with the music, but then she went back to Seoul and stepped back into their world, and I was just whispering to myself, “Please be there, please be there.” Over and over. And I was devastated with the new Woodalchis. But then I saw the two ones I could recognize, and she went running back to the big tree and he was there, and the sobbing started all over again.

This drama is by far, the best I have ever watched. No bias. Just a fact. I wish it didn't have to end. I wish it would go on forever and ever. But I know it can’t. All things do come to an end eventually. No matter how much we hope for the opposite.So, the last fifteen minutes has been me crying my heart out. I've never cried that hard over a movie or tv show before. I've never even gotten close.

But it’s over.

What am I supposed to do with my life now?