Old days,

Tuesday, April 2

i kind of
(you know)
missing my old days,
like those days when
i don't really have much
things tied to and
nothing to bound to

going to the park in the evening,
feeding the swans at the lake
if i have little effort
i would do a jog
at least twice
a week,

going to my favorite coffee house
favorite tracks on the list start writing bit by bit
until the white sheets filled with my blank ink
and i will smile alone looking at how i can
fill the whole sheet
with my feelings and thoughts in a second,

if the weather is good
i would go for a coffee break
and had my favorite caramel macchiato
and start reading my favorite novel
for the hundredth times that you could see
every pages of it had left the body
but i will still keep it closed to me
and the smell is still there,
still the same and thats how i felt
every time i read all over again,
the feelings are still there
and never changed.

You know good times,
you missed that so much and you would
wished for anything for that to come back but sure you know,
its just impossible
to go back to your old times.