I like living,

Monday, September 30

So it was around 11:24PM, the fog was killing everyone, it was so chilly that even sweaters, a blanket, a burning cigarette clasped between his index and middle finger and a big fat cup of hot chocolate I was holding still didn't help us get warm. I think that was the coldest night I've ever live in since a year I've been in this place. Here when my mixtape is playing Hopelandic track from ( ), Poppalagið — Sigur Rós, the skies are making the grunting sounds, and it rains .

It’s been a long day and I can’t seem to get up again maybe I just want to fall asleep so I don’t have to remember everything that happened.

and I left the desk
I turned off the lights
and sweep into the night

maybe when I get
sober and a bit better
next day, I would probably
put something good on here.

I think I start to like living,
maybe because you are here.