When I know other people would,

Friday, November 29

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little bit of a loner. It’s been a big part of my maturing process to learn to allow people to support me. I tend to be very self-reliant and private. And I have this history of wanting to work things out on my own and protect people from what’s going on with me. I'm used to do things alone and these past few days have been weird for me. I started to smile so hard I wonder why my heart hasn't burst and bled out all over my chest yet. It's insane how the coldest place in me have been so warm lately I swear it terrifies me how that one person existence can change me in so many ways. And every morning, I would leave the bed early, you know why? Because I've been crazy to see that pair of glinting eyes - they’re beautiful. They’re wild, crazy, like some animal peering out of a forest on fire.

At the end of the day, I appreciate the fact that God sent me someone, a half of me, to be to exact, to continue on living the mundane, humdrum life of mine. Now I can actually laughing until my gum bleeds talking about everything, even the old dead tree by the street we drove by can make me laughs and snorts soda out of my nose and you still thinks my laugh is cute. I don't need to worry anymore to nap during our road trip, thinking how gross I looked like when I woke up. And now I finally found someone who would look at me when I tell stories without sounding like a mom telling her daughter a boring bedtime stories. I just need to start writing back and stop trying to hide the mess I created. I will start thinking to have my kids with strange names, our house with my strange taste of design, but I'll promise you, we'll be happy. 

But most of all I really appreciate you. You've seen every side of me. You can tolerate me. You know how to calm me down, cheer me up, keep me smiling. Better yet, you didn't walk out on me when I know other people would have.