Sunday, March 8

On this day, our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones on flight MH370. 8th March is the day for remembering and honouring the 239 people on board. No bodies, not even a trace of debris from the plane. The world hasn't moved on, and never will be. They could have crash-landed, we hoped, on one of about 16, 000 uninhabited islands in Indonesia. They could be hostages somewhere. For a long time, Malaysians, the family members that are left behind particularly, held on to those words, willing them to still come true. Nothing seemed more outlandish than a Boeing 777's simply vanishing in the 21st Century. I chocked inside, Imagining the family members that are left behind, spending years suspended in a limbo of acceptance, grief, anger and hope fanned by a lack of answers. 

Whatever happens to you, wherever you are now, sweet dreams. 
Maybe, just maybe, you are destines to fly forever. 

Disarm your door, crosscheck,
unfasten your seat belt, and
go for your deserved rest... in peace.
We thank you for your last flight.