Somewhere along in th bitterness,

Monday, April 25

Hello readers ! I've been wrting this post whle plucking an earphone to my ears, listening to th rhythm of my blog song player. Its my Physics class now, and (sorry for being rude) Puan Fikriah is teaching th topic of electric current and I missed th whole thing. It took me about 3 period to making up th new header and tarraa - th new header as you can see ^^

I've been using Abid's lappy since I wanted to do my Photog Club work paper. Exam is on ths Thursday, and do wish me luck. I am nt yet ready fr anything, and I'm feeling giving up - like srsly. Th male team for handball gt th first place and they will be th representative fr KTS (if I'm nt mistakenlah). Congratulation fr that, and I feel a bit sentimental at ths moment. Th volleyball male team lose with SMASZA (Batu Burok) yesterday, and ths evening they will have th last match for quarter final. 

I pray fr them. I pray fr this a lot. Oh, and yeah. I should reminding myself to not forget to bring my CAMERA BATTERY! Since I only brought th camera body without th battery pack in it, yesterday. So yeah, I wish I would be ready fr this evening. Pray fr us, pray fr me. 

But whatever, I have something else to worry about. Which is ofcourse, my upcoming exam. On 2nd of August, I think. Sigh. I am totally upset about me ditching my studies. Two weeks to get back on track, wow and I am pondering, how in the world would I survive that?