Love will save the day, you said so.

Sunday, October 16

Been really busy for these few weeks. SPM is just - round the corner. For now, I just need to be more focus, to cover all the topics sedulously and to not think to much about pettifugging stuffs that just spasmodically played in my head. Hostle life and school life had really sucked away all my energy like a vacuum. Extra classes for most 20 hours a day. I only have a single time to spend for myself. Only a little. Seeing most of my friends doing their revision though it was a free time, is quite killing me.

I know I should stop being such a paranoid to my self, but hey, I always feels insecure when I was surrounded by them. I often thought of just gave up, but I never want to be a loser. I'm jusr feeling totally whacked. I just need a pause button so I could run away from this wearisome period.


Pray for me. Just, I need some supports and prayers from you all. Thats it, bye.

October 14, 2011.
8.00 pm.