I'd be a heavenly person today ,

Sunday, January 1


Wow, its already 2012 ! I can't express how deeply happy I am. Just to let you know that my life have been really good. The first day of 2012 passed well, with the New Year Eve celebration with these so-called cool people. Ad drove us to his place, and there we were, celebrating Iman's birthday. We spent the whole day laughing and sharing stories. A lot of things changed since the last time we met was 3 years ago. Ad was in his college, Anna furthered her studies in LA and Iman busy with her college life too.

Fortunately for us, we were going to spend our most time together since four of us are in long-break. Thank God for that! It was a great day spent with my loves one. Riding a marry-go-round, gossiping and I even learned how to drive a drift car. Had an awesome dinner and laughed till we could laugh no more.

Glad I am still alive, thank God.