Fade into,

Saturday, October 20

You know when you're driving in the late afternoon
and you have just gotten out of your work
and you are exhausted,
following the same road you have traveled countless times before
and you sort of space out?

You are driving,
but you are not aware of it.
You fade into the music spilling from your speakers,
or into your most mundane thoughts
and everything else passes by like a blur.

And suddenly its over,
and you're parked in the driveway,
trying to recall how you got there,
or when you turned,
or whether you followed the speed limits.

The entire journey was so simultaneously vital and
routine that you didn't even realize you were on it,
until it ended, and then you're left sitting alone in silence,
scrambling to grasp any memory of the road that led you here,
and how it all happened.

Loving you was a lot like that.