What an escapist would do

Saturday, November 15

Pulau Perhentian, August 2014.

Update on life, I'm fine. Well, I’m not fine as in fine, but I’m fine as in you don't have to worry about me. As how I would repeatedly say over the past couple of months. I’m very happy—busy, but happy—and I’m just loving how everything has fallen into place for me thus far. Yeah, sure, I usually wouldn't wanna jinx it but I just thought I'd let everyone know that shit turns out fine. I got into college after passing the hell out of the interview! So everything is going pretty well.

This took me so long to write, I have been juggling my time with a lot of things lately so blame my schedule and my addiction to K-dramas, I have been totally lost in my own world. A lot has changed since and I like that I remember the events of my life through the pictures I take. I always seem to be able to recount what happened on that day or what I was going through at the period of time. I remember how in the first picture, I was holding my friend's hand to balance my body just because I don't want to touch the water yet with my draping pants (but as you guys could've guess, I ended up flopping in the water on that first day). 

I've been meaning to take this post out of draft box a long time ago and tonight I just got this swoosh feels to write about this. It all started with trying to find something to describe myself on my Twitter bio with a word 'escapist' and that was it. An escapist. It's basically a mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life. It can also be used as a term to define the actions people take to help relieve persistent feelings of depression or general sadness. 

I've been editing my pictures from my recent trip to Bali (promise I'll write about this soon) and I saw this Pulau Perhentian album next to it, so I thought why not I post this out? I've come to realize how true this is. I remember the sole reason for this trip: to escape. My exact words were, "I need to escape, let's go somewhere" and I came back as refreshed as ever with all the memorable Long Beach moments tucked into the corners of my heart. Crazy boat rides, truck loads of coconut drinks and most definitely the taste of salty wind kissing my skin! 

I remember how the first day I woke up to the smells of slightly burnt toast and brewing coffee in my room that was overlooking the sea, it felt surreal to get your own good time again after battling with pain for a long time. So they say, God is fair, and He is. A week staying at the Long Beach could never be enough, with the sound of waves hitting the shores and the taste of your both feet sunk in the beach sands, how could you not miss that place? I spent most of my days snorkelling at every points, I dont want to say this, but I dont really enjoy any sort of diving sports at the sea since I have this fear of vast places, like spaces and the sea. I dont know how I could survive reaching the peak of Mount Kinabalu back then. I still dont understand how I always find tall buildings fascinating when in fact, I can only be up there for like 5 minutes and not more. 

I swim well, I know how to dive but when I started to realize my whole life depends on how well my body could float and breathe well down there, I started to have this panic attack. I hate corals to be honest. It's just I always ended up getting terrified with the idea that I might kill them if I accidentally touch them with my knees. I can only spend my time snorkelling for 5 minutes at least before I saw the sea urchins and I'll start get mad panic and swim to the boat and just have my bread all to myself. I don't really enjoy the life of a mermaid, obviously. But reaching the shore, I am always at the finest. I spent bucks for coconut drinks and snacks. I enjoy hiking up hills to find secret place I could spend reading and writing. There this one time I took a kayak for a rent and found this amazing cliffs between rocks, I spent the whole day there gasping at every inch of that place.