Monday Hustlin'

Monday, December 8

It's been a great week so far, besides the fact that I need to make a mug of hot Milo every hour to keep my body warm all night. Monday morning saw me waking up to a stuffy nose and an itchy throat. This constant nose-tingling and intervals of sneezing streak from flu is not fun. It must be all the late night sneaks for cigarettes. Michael Faudet's poems and a new favorite track from Angus & Julia Stone — Grizzly Bear on repeat, are the sole reasons why I could survive another week here.

I meant it when I said it was a great week. It was. Except for the fact that I cant get rid the thought of "how do I survive this two years without a close friend". Just the thought of meeting new people is tiring enough. A week of cramped shuttle van every morning, a lonely lunch and a boring everyday conversation with a mirror, is slowly driving me into another world. *chuckles* I dont want to end up in mental asylum at this age man, someone need to save me. I hate that my alone time only makes me feel awful when I started thinking about my foundation years.

I have been trying to keep a straight face (it's just my resting bitch face, dont worry) this whole week to hide my emotional rants in my head from pouring out. Tbh I didnt know missing someone could be this hard? Who thought a single 20-year old woman could have this I-miss-you-so-much-I-feel-like-all-my-organs-are-dissolved-through-my-veins? It feels like I am in some kind of a long-distance-relationship shit. Ha!

Everyone has a person they are grateful for and here is mine. This is the person who've shared midnight Mcdonalds meals with me, who've heard me singing out of the tune all the freaking time, who've seen me cry till there were no tears left and who've also sat through each others' darkest hours. This past one year has felt like a dreadful walk through the wilderness, but ironically also a very eventful twelve months. Though I may have failed a few times, got my heart broken and lost a few friendships; I've met so many wonderful people, but most importantly: I've grown up.

Cheers to the last month of 2014! And Lil, if you're reading this, dont worry, you still have 2843739 years to bear with my clinginess.

Till then xx