I am, in 500 words.

Sunday, March 22

Me in 500 words or less; to start with, I write, and treat all French fries equally. I am that type of person who wouldn't mind staying in all day, even if in a strange place that actually feel like home. I feel like I'm allergic to mindless human interactions, I always look up on meeting new people who made me comfortable through small talks and serious talks of 'do you think a parallel universe exist' and all fears and ideas I want to talk about. I always love impromptu road trips and would never get tired of seeing how the light comes through the trees. I can never imagine dating a guy who takes more selfies than I do, ah anyway, I don't need a man, I have handbags for that. My favorite midnight snacks would be; a pack of Oreos in a large bowl with fresh milk. I write. I write. I write, I can't imagine what else I could do other than writing. I am 21 and I still ride on the back of shopping carts. I still got love for a few people I'll never speak to again, I am that kind of person. I don't talk about thing if it scares me. I laugh harder when I'm scared. If thing goes wrong, I'd usually just blindly trust in life to work out and then (most of the time), it would. There will always be a day/night I need a no-questions-asked ride to somewhere nice. I never did well in school but now I'm doing what I love to do with a first (so here's to all the teachers and kids in school who didn't believe in me). I love the smell of rain and the grass after the rain but rain makes me want to nap on my couch all day. I mean, how does anyone do anything in gloomy weather? I assume the best in people and usually end up getting hurt for having high expectations on people. I am a complex person, and I appreciate people who never leave me despite knowing how my mind works. As much as I love to be alone, there will be nights when I get miserable and pray to God to send me someone who could rub my back until I fell asleep. I love rainy nights but thunder scares me more than anything else. Mayday Parade is my favorite band, up until now. My music preference is weird (and most of the time people would laugh at me when they discover the list of artists on my iPod). I listen to songs people don't listen to. I don't have favorite actor/actress but I have a huge, A HUGE CRUSH, on Kim Woo Bin (you know when I start to write in caps right). I watch movies that people aren't familiar with. I have a soft spot for French movies. I watch melodramas when I have made a decision a long time ago that I wasn't destined for the sentimental side of things. Oh the irony.